As I was looking for a blog to post, I found a collection of daily blogs by Kelly Babcock on Psych Central. who shares the joys of life to counter the negativity that threatens to always overwhelm us.


Today I Love The Butter Cream Clouds, is just one his many blogs in the Today I Love… series.


“I love the rusty gate hinge sounds that the blue jays make this time of year, the cheery calls of the chickadees, and the always mournful tones of the mourning doves.”


“I love the softness of Autumn’s approach, as if she knows we cannot take the sudden onset of harsher weather. I love her caring ways as she puts the weakened earth gently to bed to rest through the cold, clean night of winter and ready itself to spring back into life fully recharged.”


I love how he ends each blog with: Today I love drinking my coffee in…



Update: Psych Central has changed and the Today I Love series is no longer available. :(

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