My former spouse and I both chose an old scale from my grandparent’s estate when my grandmother had passed; the meaning was to remind us to have balance in life. Through recovery I have found that while balance is important, harmony is what we need to strive for.


Randy Conley explains this in his post Seek Work-Life Harmony, Not Balance – 5 Key Strategies.


“Consider the definition of harmony – “a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity.” Work-life harmony is rooted in an integrated and holistic approach to life where work and play blend together in combinations unique to each individual.”


“Achieving work-life harmony isn’t easy. It involves trial and error, learning what works and what doesn’t. There is constant assessment and re-calibration of how you’re investing your time and energy, but the payoff is less stress, peace of mind, and increased devotion and passion toward all you do in life.”

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