With Thanksgiving just around the corner I figured it would be good to share a blog about gratitude. As I reflect on this past year and what I’m grateful for I realize a shift. You see, I used to only express what I was thankful for once a year, on Thanksgiving. There was the tradition of stating “I’m grateful for…” during our sit down family dinners. But those dinners, with my career and the amount of actual dinners the four of us had at the kitchen table, were few and far between. However, this year has been different.


I search daily for grateful things. And I don’t wait until I have to share them with someone else (although that’s always nice to do too), but I share them with me. I still find it takes a lot of mindful work. I believe human nature allows us to focus on the negative as the path of least resistance. However, when I truly see how beautiful life can be, instead of allowing myself to get stuck in the ruts of life, I am more at peace.


Here are 7 Things ACoA’s and Children of Trauma can be grateful for, by Tian Dayton.


Remember, just because tomorrow is Thanksgiving, doesn’t mean you can’t be grateful today or find thanks on Friday (even if you’re battling Black Friday shopping crowds). Make gratitude a daily routine!

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