I was looking through my list of share items. What do I choose this week? I finally found something that I wanted to share, got ready to start this blog, and then…they called to board my flight.


Ugh! Ok, I’ll have to wait until I land in a couple of hours.


I got comfortable in my seat, pulled out my cross-stitch and proceeded to hit play on the next Oprah Super Soul Sunday podcast playlist. For some reason, my finger hit the one after.


Tim Storey: How do you Turn a Setback into a Comeback?


It was the Universe at work once again.


I posted It’s Time yesterday, where I’ve finally reached a place of peace with accepting my divorce. This IS something both my wife and I need so we can move forward in our lives.


And here I am listening to a podcast that this is not a setback, it’s a Comeback!


“A comeback is not a go back”

– Tim Storey

That’s encouraging.


So today, I’m going to share Tim’s message.


For those of us, for any of my Fledglings, that may be struggling in life right now, what you’re experiencing is not a setback. It’s allowing you the opportunity to make a Comeback. It’s rising from the ashes and becoming reborn.


One of the first things that Tim said that resonated with me was how a 70-year-old man was still trying to prove himself to his father who had already passed away. So many people keep going back to fix their mistakes.


This is what I’ve been doing. I’ve been doing everything in my power to prove my self-worth by trying to fix me and fix my failed marriage. Yes, I needed to change, but I don’t need to prove myself in order to truly love me.


“We nurse it, we curse it, we rehearse it.”

– Tim Storey


“Acceptance is first. Now you have choices. Doesn’t mean you have to like it.”

– Tim Storey



Didn’t Rafiki just say that to me yesterday?



“When life tends to take you down to a whisper, intentionally think about things to SHOUT about! Live a life worthy of your calling. Be ALIVE in your life!!”

– Tim Storey




“Your life isn’t about the big break. It’s about one significant life transforming step at a time…Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities. For you to get to today, it was one step at a time.”

– Tim Storey


“We need to slow down to the speed of life. And if you slow down and stop, look, and listen, every dream that’s inside of you is speaking to you.”

– Tim Storey



More Tim Storey quotes:


“You are a miracle in motion…You should be not just in recovery, but also in discovery.”


“We should not waste our failures. There’s a lesson in every one of those failures. Great thing about it is that we could fail forward. It’s not final because of those mistakes.”


“How do you know you’re on the right path? Even though there is turmoil around you, there is a peace inside of you. This is where you’re supposed to be. You’re going to be OK.”


“Drama may come, but that does not mean I have to participate.”


Here’s a 25 minute live video of Tim Storey discussing the Heart and Soul of a Comeback.


Tim ends the podcast asking to finish this sentence. I believe…


“I believe that all things are possible. That even in the mist of your biggest challenge, you’re feeling the sting of your setback, God is preparing for your comeback. All things are possible!”


I will make a COMEBACK!


May you too Rise from the Ashes and Soar with Eagles!



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