In order for us to rise out of the ashes we need to learn to face our fears. We need to Find the Courage to Leave Our Comfort Zones, This article gives eight great suggestions on how to do just that. The Science of Breaking out of Your Comfort Zone (and why you should) explains the benefits we get when we leave our comfort zone.


I needed to admit I was an addict and I was powerless to my addiction, that my life had become unmanageable. I needed to check myself into treatment. I needed the time off from work that allowed me to set up a recovery routine. As I learned more and more about myself, my past, my addiction, my childhood trauma, my character defects, I thought I was getting it. I thought I had it down. I had learned what I needed in order to salvage my marriage and my family.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t even close to scratching the surface from what I needed.


I needed to leave my comfort zone for true transformation to take place.


I had to move out of my home. I had to live on my own. I needed to be forced for the first time in my life to fend for myself and to care for me. For my inner child.


It was necessary for me to survive. It was necessary for me to become a better father. It was necessary for me to become the man I wanted to be, to stop shaming myself because I couldn’t get it “right”. To quell the insecurities that plagued me daily.


A year and a half ago, I leapt off the ledge. I thought I was going to fall and smash into the ground. Instead, I rose up from the ashes and learned how to fly. I soared higher than I ever imagined.


What’s holding you back? What’s your greatest fear? Take a leap of faith.


“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”


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