One of my passions, that grounds me and brings me joy, is music. And not just music, but watching people connect with music. It’s one of the reasons why I love to DJ.


I find people interesting. In elementary school, kids are more spontaneous. They don’t worry about how they look, they don’t worry about how well they can dance (in fact they all think they are amazing dancers), and they are more into hearing their voice, than worrying if they are singing in tune. Throw music on and the energy and innocence of youth kicks in. They are the first out on the dance floor and they will be the last off when the music quits.


As kids enter their pre-teen years, starting Middle School and then into High School, they become more self-conscious. They become more concerned about how they look and sound. Unless they have a close group of friends, they’ll tend to be more inhibited when it comes to singing and dancing to a DJ or band. And they definitely don’t want to be around their parents when they are “cutting the rug”.


But here’s what I love about music when we grow up. The innocence of our youth comes back. The energy becomes intoxicating, especially the larger the crowd. Everyone starts to join in. And before we know it, thousands of people have come together for a short period of time, staying present. They let go of the past. They stop worrying about the future. And they just LIVE in the Now.


This week’s share is a video I came across that compares the movie version of Queen playing at Live Aid in Wembley Stadium in London to the actual concert filmed in 1985. I highly recommend the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, a look into the life of Freddie Mercury and Queen. I would also suggest listening to it on a good surround sound system too. One can’t play Queen too loudly.


Watch this video and tell me, do you not wish you were there? Doesn’t this make you want to dance and sing along? What would it feel like to be on that stage performing for 72,000 people?


Watch this video and allow your inner child to celebrate life!




After watching the above 21 minute clip, I can see why Rami Malek received Best Actor in a Leading Role at the 2019 Oscars. His acceptance speech was pretty amazing too.




And of course, in good Phoenix fashion I had to find out more. Did you know that concert was filmed the first day of shooting for the movie?


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