Hello my Fledglings. I’d like to apologize about being so silent with the Coronavirus and everything that’s been going on. I’ve been caught up in my own “craziness” trying to ride out the storm, just like I’m sure all of you have been doing.


In the back of my mind I keep saying, I need to blog.  I need to write. I need to process what’s going on. And then I get caught up working on other things, keeping myself distracted, and feeling as if I’m spinning my wheels more than getting things accomplished.


So, if you’ve come checking out my site for something inspirational, to see how I’ve been processing the fear and uncertainty that’s happened the last couple of weeks, or just to have a sense of community, I’m sorry I’ve been absent. I promise I will get something out this weekend.


Until then, I’m going to use today to share some of the things I’ve found to help all of us get through these hard times.


For instance, last night I attended my first Zoom “class”. Well, actually, I’ve used Zoom when doing interview prep for my career a couple of years ago. This was just my first time using it for a gym workout.


Our Pound instructor set up our regularly weekly schedule to be done in the comfort (well, sorta comfort) of our own homes.


All the regulars were right there on my computer (hooked up to my big screen) and the comforting it brought was amazing! We did 45 minutes of Pound (some of us using wooden spoons, kitchen utensils, or other sticks). Such a great change of pace than it had been the past two days.


A ton of fun. Well, other than the fact that my daughters decided they’d rather sit on the couch and video tape how silly Dad looked, then send it to friends, rather than join in. Add that our dog heard music playing and Dad dancing, so he wanted to play too. You know, trying to squat and Pound on the ground with drumsticks is kind of difficult when a dog decides to go under your legs.


The things we are doing to pass the time away. Such as my youngest daughter printing pictures of toilet paper to tape up in the bathroom window so all our neighbors think we’re hoarders.


Speaking of passing the time away, here’s a collection of articles, podcasts, and videos to help you continue to veg out while saying there’s nothing to do.



Welcoming Your Emotions

I received an email from Karen McLaren reminding us that emotions “arise to help you deal with problems, not create them.” She explains that it’s important to understand how and why our emotions work the way they do. As my therapist would always challenge me when I’m struggling, “What is the gift that emotion is giving you right now?”


To learn more about some of the powerful emotions you may be experiencing right now, check out Karen’s blog:


Remember, our emotions are here to guide us and help us. It’s important to have the tools to identify what we’re feeling, then take a step back and learn what gift that emotion is bringing to us so we can then accurately respond to it.


Take it from a true addict. It’s really easy to medicate, disassociate, or distract. All we do when we do that is prolong the ride. When we learn to manage what we’re experiencing internally, we can nurture and parent that precious inner child who’s feeling off.



How to Stay Calm and Thrive in the Coronavirus Pandemic

One of the best things I’ve done over these past three years is that through my blogging and my recovery, I got on numerous different email lists and subscribed to a number of podcasts. All of these focus on vulnerability, managing our struggles in life, and how to nurture and love ourselves.


In fact, since the gym’s been closed I haven’t listened to Podcasts and quickly stopped writing to check and see what I’ve missed the last couple of weeks.


Oh yeah, baby! (great, showing my age here) Brene Brown’s new podcast, Unlocking Us, is now out and I’m already three episodes behind!


While most of the world continues to binge watch all the episodes on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc…, I try to keep learning more about taking care of myself. Repetition is key to making things a habit.


Jack Canfield is another person I follow and he sent an email with a link to his Facebook page of  a  previously taped Zoom webinar about taking care of yourself during the Coronavirus pandemic.

How to Stay Calm and Thrive During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Jack discusses the 5 M’s in this webinar:

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Meditation
  3. Movement
  4. Mastery
  5. Meaningful Connection


This webinar also includes a meditation session and finishes with many questions and answers from viewers.



Other Great Brief Reads and Podcasts


“You will come out stronger if you choose to come out stronger. You will come out stronger if you actually get the lessons from it. If you think it’s just about a virus…it’s not. It’s about the forces of life trying to tell us about ourselves. Whatever it is you’re feeling, it’s because you’re supposed to be feeling it. Whatever this is putting you through, you needed this moment, and it was the only moment that could bring us to this realization. I’m looking at it from the bigger picture.”

~ Oprah Winfrey




And Now For a Little Fun

Ok, I don’t always spend all my time with self-help. I mix it up a bit too. Here’s some of videos that I’ve had fun watching.














We Will Rise

My heart and prayers goes out to everyone during this tough time. For those of you who are on the front lines, you are my heroes!


For those of you who are sheltering in place, especially becoming instant homeschool parents, I’m standing by your side. We can do this.


Remember, this too shall pass and let’s take it one day at a time. We will Rise From the Ashes.


Feel free to add other helpful articles and videos for us all to enjoy in the comments below.


We’re all in this together. 




Together We Can Heal



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