Welcome to 2021. It’s time again to share things that Phoenix loves. LOL!


Some days will be educational. Some will be interesting. And some will be, well, just fun!


Today, let’s just look at fun.


The first song was a really cool cover by Heart. What resonated the most was watching the emotional reaction of the band members as they watched Heart perform their signature song.

Stairway to Heaven

~ performed by Heart



And of course, The Holderness Family is at it again. Here’s their first song for 2021. Had me cracking up (as usual).


One Week in 2021

~ The Holderness Family



And here’s another one that just came out. No surprise; they did 154 parody’s last year.

Hey There America

~ The Holderness Family



My girls met my girlfriend in New Orleans this past week. They kept talking about Disney’s Princess and the Frog and had a discussion about how there needs to be an actual Tiana’s Palace in New Orleans. This song is such an inspiration!

Almost There

~ The Princess and the Frog



A couple of weeks ago, my youngest daughter put on a dress. My roommate’s two year old boy said, “Peeetty. I wan wear dess.” My oldest daughter asked to confirm he wanted a dress and after he said “yes” she jumped online and purchased one. The other night, he got to put it on for the first time and twirled around the room saying, “I peeetty.” This song randomly came up on my morning YouTube feed. See, it’s ok for a guy to wear a dress.

Under Pressure

~ Queen & David Bowie

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