My theme has been to learn how to rise out of the ashes and become reborn. That through tragedy, we can find hope and healing. That we can grow from our pain and learn to conquer our fears.


In my email account I get updates. Updates to blogs I’ve signed up for. Motivational sayings for the day. Affirmations and Bible verses. And, the occasional YouTube suggestions.


One email I received  was that of James Corden doing a late night presentation on gun control. Looking for a bit of humor and inspiration after the horrendous catastrophe that happened with the mass shootings in Florida, I clicked on the link. I had not expected a serious  conversation.


I’m not trying to use this as a political platform. Nor am I trying to bring up a debate. What really got me interested was that James mentioned the students, the survivors, standing up to be heard.


I searched for more information and found the two videos below. What I saw was our youth using their voices to speak up, to implement change. As a parent of a teen and pre-teen, I’m proud of what these kids are doing. I’m proud they have the courage to speak when many stand silent. I’m proud that instead of allowing themselves to get beaten down, they can rise from the ashes from this disaster and become stronger.


We Call BS

– Florida Student to NRA and Trump



Shooting Survivor Confronts NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch



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