And here we are in May. My has it just snuck on up on us. Before you know it, it’ll be Christmas!


I’m grateful for another week of digging in deeply into my own self care. I’m grateful I’ve been able to sit still in meditation for 30 minutes five days in a row. Now that’s a miracle in and of itself. I’m grateful for doing five days worth of yoga and breath work, something that when I started I was counting the minutes until it was over, and yet, when I finished, I felt like I was walking on water. Adding yoga and meditation to my daily practice has allowed me to feel so grounded lately. Another miracle with all the chaos and uncertainty going on around us.


I’m grateful for my online network of support groups. I’ve got my SAA meetings on Zoom, my writing group (which has now gone to a more intimate paid format with more lessons and tighter connections to come), my online church group (one member calling in at 2am his time from Africa), and I’ve signed up for Tommy Rosen’s 8-Week Awakening coaching series that I’m looking forward to start next week.

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I can’t believe it’s already been a week since my last share day. I had said I was going to blog and yet I’m finding it so hard to sit down and write.


Yesterday, I joined Anna David’s Daily Writing Sessions. There were 24 of us and after a while, I felt the juices starting to flow again.  Plan to write with them again this morning. It’s nice to feel like you’re doing something, being productive, and yet you aren’t doing it alone. It closes the gap when we feel isolated.


Come and join us. Currently it’s every morning at 10am Pacific time. I mean what else is there to do?


Oh, you could binge Corona Parody’s on YouTube.


Here’s more videos to help distract and put a smile on your face.


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One of my passions, that grounds me and brings me joy, is music. And not just music, but watching people connect with music. It’s one of the reasons why I love to DJ.


I find people interesting. In elementary school, kids are more spontaneous. They don’t worry about how they look, they don’t worry about how well they can dance (in fact they all think they are amazing dancers), and they are more into hearing their voice, than worrying if they are singing in tune. Throw music on and the energy and innocence of youth kicks in. They are the first out on the dance floor and they will be the last off when the music quits.


As kids enter their pre-teen years, starting Middle School and then into High School, they become more self-conscious. They become more concerned about how they look and sound. Unless they have a close group of friends, they’ll tend to be more inhibited when it comes to singing and dancing to a DJ or band. And they definitely don’t want to be around their parents when they are “cutting the rug”.

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