Fear. Face Everything and Recover.


I just read one of the best analogies about fear. Today’s share comes from the book, Life of Pi written by Yann Martel.

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(written March 18, 2017)


The Quest for Joy sometimes seems as mystical and futile as the Quest for the Holy Grail. Whereas the Holy Grail is said to be the cup of the Last Supper and has curing magic properties, the Quest for Joy is said to be the cure to all our problems.


Just find happiness and life will be better. At least that’s what they tell us.


Now how do we do that amidst our pain and suffering?


Are you ready to join me on a quest to find the answer?

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You know when you plan to do something and you get distracted and think, “I’ll get to that in a minute. First I want to do this.” And then, you do what you weren’t planning on doing, then realize that’s what you were supposed to be doing all along?


Did I lose you?


I was getting ready to look through some of the share ideas I have stored away when I thought I’d clean out my email first. Many times, I disregard this particular sender because it contains so many different links. But tonight, I scrolled through the list.


What I found moved me immensely.

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