The other day I landed on the East Coast and was heading to the hotel when I checked my messages. I had a text from Angelia, The Pilot Wife Life bloggess who’s been pursuing her passion to create a community of pilot spouses to give them a positive support network where they don’t feel like they’re alone. In fact, she just launched her new TPWF app that she designed herself! Such a great idea to keep the community connected without relying on the algorithms of social media.


Her text was short and simple. “Checking in on you my friend.”


Of course, my response was long winded. A trait I’m still working on.


Her reply took the breath out of me. A fellow pilot in our aviation community took his own life. Read more

I’m grateful for the connections that I’ve had this past week. It’s been really rough and yet also enlightening for me as well. I’m grateful to feel my body slowly start to come back to ground, as the reactivity from negative self-talk has subsided.


I’m grateful for my peers in my recovery program and all my close male friends. What a blessing it is to have the ability to be vulnerable with someone and have them not only support you when you’re struggling, but also challenge your thinking. It’s sometimes frustrating to have one not just agree with me, however, those challenges have allowed me to see where my thinking has been faulty and helps me to reframe my perspective.


I’m grateful for my new Family of co-workers. It’s so different to finally feel excited about going to work. I’m grateful that my job allows me the time to reconnect with myself; what I used to make up as isolation is now feels like solitude. Even through delays, multiple airplane swaps, ending up in cities that was not planned, I’m grateful that everyone I work with maintains such upbeat personalities and takes the changes in stride.

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Happy Wednesday my Fledglings!!


It’s been a while since I’ve shared something on Wednesday. Almost four months to be exact. You know when you get behind on something and eventually it feels like you’ll never catch up? So, instead of even making a dent out of what you’re behind on, be it dishes, homework, cleaning the house, etc, you tend to ignore it hoping it will take care of itself?


That’s kind of how I’ve felt with my blog lately. I spent two months training for a new job where I didn’t have time to do much other than study and this past month trying to catch up on everything that got dropped before I spent 59 days in a hotel. I’d like to go back and work on my Grateful Sunday’s and yet, I find, that instead of doing them, I have been resisting everything else as well.


Well, today it’s time to break that habit! I was in the gym listening to a Ted Talk and came across this. It resonated with me so strongly that I said to myself, “Phoenix. It’s time to get out there and post again.”

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