I’m grateful for the Marvel universe and Avengers: End Game. I wasn’t able to see the movie opening weekend, however, my older daughter and I were able to enjoy it this past Thursday. The two of us were so engaged and we both enjoyed it immensely; it sure didn’t feel like it was s 3 hour movie. I will not say anything else, because I don’t want to spoil it for my Fledglings.


I’m grateful that I’ve meditated 25 days in a row. And during that time, I’ve kept up with my daily morning routine of anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour before I start my day. I’ve coupled this with listening to Kyle Cease 100 days of meditation and his Limitation Game series. I’m on Lesson 28 in Marianne Williamson’s A Course in Miracles recommended to me by my Score Mentor. I find it interesting as I started going through the course she developed in 1975, that someone I didn’t  know a month ago, is one who’s currently running a presidential campaign for 2020. The universe brings us around in strange ways.

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I’m grateful for keeping up a daily morning meditation routine 18 days in a row, journaling, keeping an evening grateful log, and also a daily recovery log. Many times, I’ll start something like this, but I tend to break the habit because life gets “too busy”. Much of this is to help me keep my focus on getting my finances and life under control, still on track to finalize my divorce so both my wife and I can move on with our lives, and my personal goal of taking Together We Can Heal to the next level. I find that when I put my self-care first, everything else seems to also fall in line.


Lately I’ve been getting back into my music, both at work and at home. I have been doing some hard-inner work, listening to a variety of podcasts, learning the ins and outs about website marketing and how to build an online business, coupled with the deep look at my monetary patterns. I haven’t allowed myself a chance to slow down. This week I blasted music, singing on my drive to and from work. I have a wedding I’m DJing next month and I’m getting excited planning that event. I can’t wait to watch everyone connect and let loose to the sound of the music.

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