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This morning I woke up and grabbed my iPad so I could review some things before I went to work. I had taken screenshots of important manual pages. It’s much quicker to find a screenshot then it is to go through hundreds of pages to find a specific procedure.

I clicked on photos and I didn’t expect to see what I found…

My soon to be 12 year old daughter loves to look up quotes. And, when she gets going, she shares them with me. Most of them are hilarious.

I hope I’m not the only parent in the world that does this, but sometimes after 30 minutes…or even an hour…and especially after an hour and a half, the humorous nature of those quotes starts to wear off and a tad bit of annoyance will kick in. Do I really have to hear and see another meme?

It’s at these times when I need to learn how to use my tools of recovery. Unfortunately, I don’t always get that right either. We are perfectly imperfect.

So, what does my younger daughter do when she sees that Dad has had his fill of online jokes for the evening? She saves them instead…and that’s what I found stored on my iPad when I was looking for work documents.

I will admit, I was a little stressed today, until I viewed the quotes that my daughter found important. That put me at ease.

So today, as a tribute to my beautiful daughter, I’d like to share some of what she thought were worthy of saving (and Dad finding). Enjoy!

Remember to let our inner child that’s within us to also have a voice in our lives.

So feel free to reach out and add your favorite quotes or meme’s down below. Let’s have a day of sunshine and brightness.

Let’s allow our inner children to play today.

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