I have just finished Glennon Doyle Melton’s book Love Warrior: A Memoir. This story has been a blessing to help me stop focusing on my own pain, my own issues.


Throughout my recovery, I have found it extremely difficult to truly hear my ex and understand the pain that my actions caused her. Even though she has expressed similar feelings, I have still been deaf to her.


Was it guilt and shame? Was I trying to protect my precious ego? Was I trying to avoid the thought that I had deeply hurt and scared my wife?


To acknowledge what I had done only fuels the negative self-worth I am trying so hard to let go of and change.


Reading Glennon’s book has helped me open my eyes to the pain I caused. It has helped me accept my ex’s decision to divorce.


It has allowed me to really see my ex.


I highly recommend this book, not to only help one recognize how addiction affects us individually and how it impacts the people in our lives, but also how one can truly grow from pain.


Glennon Doyle Melton is not only a Love Warrior, she’s also a Phoenix that has Risen from the Ashes.


Her story is her canvas and her words are her paint brush. In her descriptive language, Glennon has created a masterpiece that has allowed me to experience, from a deep emotional level, the PTSD type symptoms that my sexual betrayal pinned onto my ex.


For Sex Addicts to truly look into the mind of our partners, make sure you read Chapter 8 and Chapter 9. Also check out Glennen’s blog for some great articles.


Here I Go Again


Thank you Glennon for allowing your vulnerability to help me see the destruction I have caused. Thank you for helping me come to a deeper lever of understanding and acceptance.


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