“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.”

~ Sigmond Freud


Good morning and Happy Valentine’s Day my Fledglings. Wishing you love and joy throughout the day and may you embrace your inner child with a celebration of self-love.


I realize the past three days I’ve been building you up to hear my love story. When I started on this journey six days ago, I had no idea this story would be a love story. How can a breakup be a love story? You will see.


When we can shed the shackles of grief and pain, there is nothing but love underneath. I realize this is just the beginning of my healing journey, and grief tends to come in waves, yet today, what I was able to create has been one of the most beautiful gifts the universe has given me.


I am spacing this out into much shorter chapters; more than I have ever done on my blog. This will be a first. We’ll see how it works. I plan to post a chapter every 3 days. Feel free to leave comments as you reflect on either the journey Phoenix has taken or anything you’d like to share on your own personal journey of healing.


My wish is that something from my journey of looking inward will help you as well.


And now, to that little Valentine’s teaser about the emotional adventure I will take you on…


Story Summary

In this captivating blog series, follow the protagonist, Phoenix, on an introspective and transformative journey guided by the insightful Rafiki. Trekking through the scenic trails of Muir Woods, Phoenix absorbs profound lessons on relationships, self-realization, and the vital role of communication. Delving into the three categories of relationships—Lifelong, Life Giving, and Purpose Filled—Phoenix, with Rafiki’s mentorship, unravels the intricate threads of past connections, especially with Island Girl, a spirited woman who left an indelible mark on his life. The narrative delves into Phoenix’s struggle to find closure after the end of his Relationship, all while respecting the importance of boundaries.


As Phoenix navigates the continuing journey, grappling with the nuances of grief and loss following a recent breakup and the departure of a close friend, Rafiki’s wise counsel encourages him to confront his emotions head-on, fostering personal growth and resilience. The story further explores Phoenix’s evolving comprehension of communication’s profound impact on friendships, underscoring the significance of openness and vulnerability. Amidst emotional upheaval, Phoenix gains valuable insights into the art of active listening, striking a delicate balance between his extroverted nature in recovery and staying authentic to himself.


The blogs culminate in a poignant moment as Phoenix lies beneath the starlit sky with Rafiki, contemplating the vast universe. This series intricately weaves a narrative of self-discovery, resilience, and the transformative power inherent in genuine connections. Through Phoenix’s journey, readers witness the unraveling of deep-seated emotions, the beauty of embracing imperfections, and the importance of facing life’s uncertainties with an open heart.



Rising from the Ashes


~ Phoenix Emery



Chapter 1







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