I’m grateful for the opportunity to further my career with a new job next year. It’s been a long time coming! I finally will have the chance to fly to new destinations and not have to commute the day before and after a trip. Most importantly, my prayers have been answered as this will allow me more time at home. I look forward to the day where I can be a more present father with my girls and I’m able to support my wife so she doesn’t have to parent as much on her own. I’m also grateful for the excitement and support I’ve received from my family and my friends.


I’m grateful that when I have finally learned to let go and let God, some amazing and beautiful things have happened in my life. Letting go has allowed much of the stress in my life to dissipate as I no longer worry (I mean, I no longer worry as much, come on now, let’s be honest) about the future and accept what is. I’m grateful that while I go through my Step Work once again, I am seeing Step Three from a different perspective.


“Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.”


When I’ve let go of my own will, I found peace and serenity. I’m no longer trapped by my fear of the future or the guilt and shame of my past actions. I become present in the Now. I’m grateful for the deep work that has allowed me to reach this point in my life.


I’m grateful for multiple overnights in my home town. I’m grateful I was able to be home to enjoy an “ice cream monument” (an ice cream sundae with cookie dough, Twix, 500 Grand, Kit Kat, whipped cream, and sprinkles) at my daughter’s belated birthday sleep over. I’m grateful for my Saturday men’s meeting and being able to attend church on Sunday. And I’m grateful for the gym, where I continue my journey of self discovery via podcasts and books on tape while having more energy than I’ve had in years.


I’m grateful for life!

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