I’m grateful for another successful recurrent ground and simulator session. It’s fun to go back through training to sharpen and hone skills that are not used on a daily basis. There’s always something new I’m learning when I do this. I’m grateful for my two hour walk to the gym, working out, and later walking two hours back. Those hikes have become tradition to studying my flashcards for my oral exam.


I’m grateful my wife asked for us to pray and that we prayed out loud (something that we have never really done) prior to our appointment with a consultant to discuss separation of assets. I’m grateful a possible solution was given that would allow both of us a minimum of disruption in our lives. I’m grateful that we still remain amicable and are friends through this process.


I’m grateful my wife switched my dentist appointment with hers since my schedule changed due to keeping my training certification current. I’m grateful that it was my second clean bill of health since my tooth extraction at the beginning of the year.


I’m grateful for a day spent with my oldest daughter and a friend and his two kids at an airshow. I had fun keeping a three year old entertained while waiting in line to visit the flight deck of a C-17. It brought back memories about all the fun I had with my girls when they were younger. I enjoyed lounging in a chair, drinking coffee, and watching my daughter next to me get extremely excited to watch aerobatics and her face light up to hear the sounds of the jets flying by. I can’t wait till my schedule opens up so I will have the opportunity to teach her how to fly and she can join me in my passion.

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