I’m grateful for all the support and congratulations I’ve received from my friends and family this past week. So many people have celebrated the news of my upcoming new job with me. This has continued to feed my relief and joy that I’m finally moving on.


I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue in my roll of training for the next two months at my current job. Not only will this help the pocket book, I’ll continue doing a part of my job that is rewarding and that I love.


I’m grateful my girls, wife, and I were able to spend the day celebrating the birthday of a close friend. I taught him how to make the ultimate s’more and got him hooked on my creation. (two graham crackers, two open faced double stuffed Oreos, two pieces of chocolate, and two toasted marshmallows – YUM!) I’m also grateful we could celebrate another friend’s new job offer. We had a very laid back day and a nice evening.

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