I am grateful for sunsets. I am grateful for clear skies. I’m grateful for healing and I’m grateful for love.


There are times when life can seem like an incredible struggle, when the world is against us. Those are the days we are stuck in the past, reliving the painful emotions of what had hurt us. Or we may be stuck in fear of what will happen to us in the future. These are the are the days when we aren’t present.


As I recollect the blogs I wrote in February, I can sense the pain, the desperation, the grasping for straws. I see how I struggled and how, when I thought I understood and was moving forward, I ended up back where I was to begin with. I try to look at these with empathy while thinking of my teen girls, knowing what it’s like to be stuck, but not know how to tell others what it is I’m feeling or what I need to feel better.


A year ago, I never would have thought I would be where I am today. Such fear of the future and such pain from the past. Today I am grateful for recovery. I am grateful for that journey. My eyes are open and I am here in the present.


I am grateful for sunsets. I am grateful for clear skies. I am grateful for healing and I am grateful for love.

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