I’m grateful that my interpretation about challenges in my life has changed. In the past, I would look at set backs as God’s will proving that he was holding me back in everything I did. That belief created negative energy that permeated my life and the people I loved most suffered from it.


Today, as I was getting out of my car at the airport to fly across the country for an interview, I realized I had left my suit on my kitchen counter. My first thought was that I had leaned on my former spouse and daughter to provide a female’s perspective on shirt color and tie (I really didn’t trust my fashion taste) and now my interview wasn’t going to be successful.


I immediately took a deep breath, looked up, and asked, “What am I supposed to learn from this?” And the answer I received was to believe in myself. Five hours later, when I arrived at my destination, I rented a car and drove to Men’s Wearhouse to purchase a new suit and casual wear. This will make a great story tomorrow during the interview and has given me more confidence that I can overcome obstacles when they arise.

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