I’m grateful for family traditions. There are those traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. Hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree is a simple example. And then, there’s adding the tradition of hiding a pickle ornament in the tree Christmas Eve and the person who finds it gets the “extra” present. Each family blends traditions from their childhood and continues it with children of their own.


However, sometimes, the best family traditions are those that sneak up out of nowhere and become an annual event. This happened three years ago with Pumpkin Baseball. After Halloween, we gather our carved pumpkins (and any other pumpkins we can find – which is nearly close to impossible by November 2nd), a few baseball bats, and have some fun. Today, not only will my former spouse and girls make pumpkins explode in their backyard, but we’ve invited friends and family to join us. I’m grateful for the annual customs that brings our family together.

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