I’m grateful for Kaiser and the support group they have for our family. As my older child is struggling with High School as a teenager in this tough society of social media, judgment, and high expectations, we have a group of counselors to guide our family. My daughter may not be ready to open up to us or counselors, however, she’s receiving the very tools I finally learned after I turned 40. I’m grateful that little seeds of knowledge are being planted that will hopefully someday germinate and help her grow into a confident woman in the future.


I’m grateful for yet another fun night of Dungeon and Dragons with my close friends. It was nice to have the wife of a friend join us and get the woman’s perspective thrown into the mix. As we are all starting to get a little more comfortable with acting out our parts, the world we’re creating is a fun way to let go of life once a month.


I’m grateful for a couple of Flood Days which allowed me some time with both my daughters. We enjoyed spending a day at the movies, even though my youngest daughter keeps giving me a hard time for crying during How to Train Your Dragon Three. And the movie Rafiki recommended, Isn’t it Romantic, was as good as he said it was.  It brings me joy to watch my older daughter holding hands and snuggling into the arms of my younger daughter. It’s times like these where I see a love so strong, they will endure whatever chaos the future throws at them.


I’m grateful that my youngest daughter has been so excited about the movie coming out, Five Feet Apart staring Cole Sprouse, that she purchased the book to read. She read it in one day, followed by her sister devouring it the next, and I just had to read it the third day before she passed it on to her friends to read. Great story that also brings an awareness to cystic fibrosis. I also love that Rafiki called the sequel Ten Feet Apart; cracked me up (although my girls don’t think it’s as funny as I do).


I’m grateful for my brother and our meeting up for lunch while he and his wife were out for a conference in the local area. I’m grateful for burgers, milk shakes, and airplanes; an awesome trio!


I’m grateful for my roommate’s little baby. It’s so nice to have a little one in my home, hear his laughter, see his smiles, and remind me what it was like when my girls were that little. And, when he cries, I’m grateful I’m not the one who has to comfort him. I have a glimpse about what being a grandparent will be like. I’m also grateful, that by watching the dynamics from my two roommates, I see parallels between my wife and I when our daughters were little and I’m learning how I was conditioned into my faulty beliefs as a new father and husband.


I’m grateful that once again, when I was having trouble processing some things, I was able to put my thoughts to paper and learn from them. I’m grateful for my bull dog instinct that will jump at something until it’s resolved. I’m grateful I was able to bring insight and peace to an issue that was bothering both my wife and me.


I’m grateful that even though my wife and I have been holding stronger boundaries between us, when it comes to co-parenting we can quickly come together. We work well ensuring that our daughters have both mom and dad their by their side. I’m grateful for the conversation I had with my wife; her openness and her vulnerability. What I heard opened up some ah ha moments that have given me more understanding to our relationship over the years and has allowed me the ability to finally feel the emotional detachment she has continually requested and needed all these years. I’m grateful that I’m no longer fighting the inevitable, and for the first time, actually desires the dissolution of our marriage so we both can move on with our lives.



Grateful Childhood

I’m grateful for my mother’s love of music that she received from my grandmother. I’m grateful for the musicals my mom and step-father took my sister and I to during the summer. I’m grateful my mom would buy the vinyl record (yes I’m that old, and I’m grateful of my age) of a musical we were going to see and listen to it over and over, so I knew the songs prior to watching the show.


I’m grateful when I was in High School that she listened to my music and not only played my music for my friends and fellow track and cross-country team members when they drove us to events, but sang along with us in the car. In a 15-passenger van of 13 kids, my mother was able to name the most artists in the song We Are the World. I’m grateful that she listened to all kinds of music, from country to pop to Christian to oldies and classical. She opened up my musical tastes that I still hold onto this day.

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