I’m grateful for all the first responders, the doctors and nurses on the front lines, and for all the people who are still out there risking catching COVID-19 to perform essential services for our communities. I’m grateful for those who are staying at home to help flatten the curve so we can give those who are fighting for their lives a chance of survival.


I’m grateful for the teachers who are learning how to instruct online, changing lesson plans and working out the kinks of trying to keep our children engaged, learning, and accountable.


I’m grateful for our kids, who are going stir crazy stuck at home with Mom and/or Dad and their siblings who annoy the heck out of them. I’m grateful they can connect with their friends via Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and through other social media outlets. As much as Tik Tok can be annoying, I’m also grateful that it has given my daughter some fun ideas to try out from home. I’m grateful that our children also haven’t given up, and are stepping up to continue with school knowing that They are the next generation that will be taking care of our communities.



I’m grateful through all this, there are people out there who continue to connect even from the seclusion of their own homes. I’m grateful for my Pound instructor teaching her class on Zoom and all my gym buddies joining in from their homes using wooden spoons instead of drumsticks. I’m grateful for my small groups at church rapidly switching to an online format so we can still stay connected. I’m grateful for my peers in recovery and all my friends for staying connected together.


I’m grateful for our pets, our dogs, cats, rabbits, even fish. Whatever our pet is, I’m grateful that they are there to support us emotionally through this tough time. Our family dog had so much fun doing Pound with me. Instead of frustration, I felt joy as he kept going between my legs, wagging his tail just to play with Dad.


I’m grateful that currently my airline is managing this crisis. That even though the airports are deserted, there’s less traffic in the skies and planes are being grounded, the planes are empty, and that there’s so uncertainty in our industry, our managers have been direct, upfront, and absolutely encouraging when communicating with our employees. I’m not used to seeing so much gratitude being spread around and that only makes us employees want to give more back.


I’m grateful for the beauty that is all around us. From the sunsets, that my daughters and I believe Grandma paints to rainbows and waves lapping upon the shores. I’m grateful to the sound of birds, hundreds of them this morning, singing in harmony, their music magical to my ears as I relax on the balcony of my hotel room.


I’m grateful to be alive.


I understand we all have no idea where we will be next week or the following month. There is much uncertainty where life is going to take each and every one of us. However, I’m grateful I’ve had the opportunity to learn through some tough lessons (just read my blog for the past three years) that no matter what happens, we will survive. I know this deep within my soul.


We are survivors and this is just another blip in Our story.


I’m grateful knowing that, as my therapist states, “The universe will never give us more than we can handle.”


We can handle this.


We got this!


We will Rise!


And we will rise stronger, more resilient, and more prepared.


I’m grateful for my Fledglings and I will keep each and every one of you in my prayers.







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