I’m grateful for Spring Break. Both my daughters were able to get away while my ex and I had to work. This was a good change from their daily “ground hog day” routines, which has been something they both really needed. I’m glad they had the opportunity to enjoy time with their friends. Spring Break has also showed an increase in traveling passengers which was encouraging for both my industry and hopefully our economy. I look forward to life after the pandemic. It was nice to see full planes and actual people on the beaches.


Speaking of beaches, I am so grateful for my career and the opportunity to enjoy the peace, solitude, and beauty of Hawaii. Two mornings I did yoga on the beach. I’m telling you. There’s one thing about doing yoga and there’s another thing about the beach. Each has its own grounding and peaceful attributes. And when you combine the two! Oh! Glorious! Especially when you wake up while the world is still asleep and you get to experience its rebirth. A blessing to start the day like that.


I’m grateful the message my body was giving me after my four-mile run this week. My quadriceps have been so sore, to the point where I kind of stumble when I walk, especially up steps. That’s a little embarrassing. I’m reminded I’ve let some of my exercise slack off and to keep from being sore, I need to continue to work out. This is the pain that tells me I’ve done good, not the pain that tells me I’ve gone too far. In addition, I’m also grateful I no longer push myself to the extent I used to. The soreness is a reminder to listen to my body, which is what I did with yoga focusing primarily on Yin Yoga, where holding a pose for a few minutes stretches those tender muscles.


I’m grateful six days of flying does not feel like six days at all. Of course, when four of those days includes Hawaii, it really isn’t work. I flew with two great captains and look forward to flying with one of them again next week.


I’m grateful for spending dinner with an old friend on an overnight. I haven’t seen him since we used to work at a restaurant back before I started getting paid to fly. This was 1996 (insert wide eyed emoji here). I love that after 25 years we could reconnect like it was yesterday. I had the pleasure of meeting his wife and daughter and enjoyed a Brazilian steak dinner. Never been to an all you can eat steakhouse where they bring different cuts of meat and slice them right at your table. I had such a wonderful evening.


I’m grateful to take the leap and sign up for the Activate Coaching Program. I had invested in Elite Blog Academy last year right when Covid hit. I had big plans to focus taking my blog to the next level so I could provide more value for my readers. As Ruth had mentioned in the Blog Challenge I participated in last week , “It’s ok to blog with a scar. Don’t blog with an open wound.” With Covid and the pandemic, I realized in April 2020 I still had an open wound. I shifted my focus last spring and summer to clean it up, nurse it, and heal. I’ve recognized how my mindset has shifted in my healing and I’m now realizing how I need to change my mindset when it comes to Together We Can Heal.


Activate will help guide me on this next expedition. I’m feeling inspired and realize it’s ok and necessary to take a step backwards so I can build a stronger foundation for my website, and in turn, provide more value to you. I do better with challenges, so being a part of an accountability group, part of a larger Facebook Community, learning how to do weekly and quarterly goals, and celebrating our wins, I’m more encouraged that I can achieve the future goals I have for this website. Just like I’ve learned to Rise From the Ashes daily, Together We Can Heal will also be transforming in the year to come.

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