I’m grateful for the connections that I’ve had this past week. It’s been really rough and yet also enlightening for me as well. I’m grateful to feel my body slowly start to come back to ground, as the reactivity from negative self-talk has subsided.


I’m grateful for my peers in my recovery program and all my close male friends. What a blessing it is to have the ability to be vulnerable with someone and have them not only support you when you’re struggling, but also challenge your thinking. It’s sometimes frustrating to have one not just agree with me, however, those challenges have allowed me to see where my thinking has been faulty and helps me to reframe my perspective.


I’m grateful for my new Family of co-workers. It’s so different to finally feel excited about going to work. I’m grateful that my job allows me the time to reconnect with myself; what I used to make up as isolation is now feels like solitude. Even through delays, multiple airplane swaps, ending up in cities that was not planned, I’m grateful that everyone I work with maintains such upbeat personalities and takes the changes in stride.


I’m grateful for the captains that have spoiled the crap out of me with coffee and food during our brief 40-minute turns. I realize that this is a “pay it forward’ culture and I look forward for the day I’m in the left seat and can return the favor to my first year FO’s.


I’m so grateful for two wonderful nights I had with my youngest daughter, eating dinner together, playing Skipbo, and watching movies. She’s growing up into such a beautiful young lady. I’m so proud of the woman she’s becoming.


Grateful Childhood

I’m grateful for the love of music my grandmother instilled upon me. I loved watching my grandmother play the piano and sing to me as I sat snuggled up next to her on the piano bench. I’m grateful for her numerous choir concerts and that I was allowed to sit in the front row as a little boy pretending I was conducting the entire group of older women. I’m grateful for watching my grandmother dance around the kitchen singing with the biggest grin on her face. I may not have inherited her melody, rhythm or magnificent voice (must be where my oldest daughter gets it from), but I did inherit her ability to let music move the spirit within her thus spreading joy to the people around her through the gift of song.

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