I’m grateful for a wonderful morning of coffee, discussion, and connection with my former spouse. It’s a blessing to be able to talk freely about the past without the physical and emotional pain that used to become so overwhelming that I was left fighting my tiger for days and weeks on end. This has allowed me to finally be able to hear her and understand her on a level I’ve been blind and deaf to for years.


“Hey, Rafiki,” I beam. “I’m dancing with my tiger!!! Six months ago I would have never thought that possible.”


I’m also grateful that after a rough patch with parenting this morning and afternoon, that my two girls and I were able to work through our anger, put it aside, and while they hung out with friends, I ended my day with Rafiki learning how to play Bocce Ball, listening to a reggae band in the park, and another few hours of relaxing conversation. This Sunday was a well rounded day!

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