I’m grateful I was able to work out for a second day at a hotel gym. There’s something about being able to listen to podcasts while lifting weights that brings about confidence, higher self-esteem, and feeling physically stronger. I was surprised that even though I haven’t lifted in a couple of months, I was not only able to start off at the level I was doing previously, but I could also lift a bit more. I attribute that to yoga, which still catches me off guard as my old beliefs were that yoga wasn’t as good as other types of exercise.


Speaking of exercise, I’m grateful for the ab and squat challenge my yoga co-worker partner brought me in on. I’m one that loves a challenge and I just jumped right in the middle of it. I’m grateful yesterday going online and grabbing a CrossFit workout of the day (WOD) that I could do in my hotel room. I’m not too fond of burpees, especially when the timed work out started with 60 of them, however, I’m grateful for the test.


I’m grateful that the 737 MAX has finally been certified and will be coming back on property. We now have more than one simulator and while I haven’t had a chance to previously fly the sim or the airplane, I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn the new procedures and systems that Boeing has fixed. There are numerous redundancies that have been incorporated with the software changes and the simulator has been by far the easiest to fly out of all I’ve flown in the past. I’m excited I’ll have the opportunity to fly the airplane soon.


I’m grateful for my good friend that works in the head office of my airline. She’s always so sweet meeting me during training events and spoiling me with goodie bags. We only had a limited time together, and I’m so grateful we were able to spend that time walking around campus and catching up on life. She’s always so happy, appreciates her job and her coworkers, and has such a positive attitude. She model’s what it means to Rise out of the Ashes and I always find her presence refreshful.


As I had mentioned last week, I was grateful that my landlord was refinancing his house and having an appraiser come over. I had forgotten that appraisers take pictures, so not only was it imperative that we deep clean, it was also wonderful to have the entire house organized and looking nice. I’m ready to bring in boxes from the storage unit to start unpacking and storing in the garage. I’m also grateful for the past training in real estate that my ex and I had which suggests making cookies before showing a house. Not that we needed to please all the five senses of an appraiser, it was a great excuse to have some Vegan Snickerdoodles, which, my village devoured!


I’m grateful for a wonderful evening watching a movie with my oldest daughter and that she had asked me to wake up early in the morning to hike a local hill and watch the sunrise. Unfortunately, she didn’t sleep well the night before, so we were unable to do the walk. However, just her thinking about wanting to do that with her dad filled me with so much joy. I’m grateful we at least kept our breakfast date and had a delicious breakfast from a new local restaurant which serves vegan food.  It would be nice to have eaten at the restaurant, however we enjoyed each other’s company in the warmth of my home.

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