I’m grateful that not only was I was able to survive automation, but that these PowerPoint Lessons are now behind me. I’m grateful that the company requires us to sit in the jump seat for a few flights to get familiar with how things operate on the line. The People I work with are so very sweet and accommodating. Everyone is excited for the new hires and share their wealth of information about the company culture and procedures. I can’t wait for the opportunity to fly with each and every one of them!


I’m grateful my youngest daughter and I watched Riverdale together via Skype. It was cool to hook up the computer facing the TV in my hotel room, sit on my bed while I cross-stitched and enjoyed conversations and comments about the show with her. I don’t think I would have ever watched Riverdale had it not been for my daughter. My willingness to be involved with what she’s interested in allows us to have a much closer connection.


Childhood Grateful

I’m grateful my step-father spent over a year and a half of his life driving to and from work an hour and half or more every day so I could finish High School with the friends I had gone to school with since kindergarten. The three of us lived in a two-bedroom condo for 14 years. My parents had wanted to purchase a house earlier, but decided it was better not to have me switch high schools. My step-father got a job in the town they wanted to move to and made the sacrifice to drive a minimum of fifteen hours a week during my junior and senior year. We moved two weeks after I graduated.


As a parent, I now truly understand the sacrifice and commitment my step father endured for 18 months. I know personally how much family time commuting steals from the commuter, in addition to how emotionally and physically draining it can be. I have a lot of gratitude for the sacrifice he gave to me and our family.

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