I’m grateful my youngest daughter has agreed to watch all the Marvel movies with me starting from the beginning. We finished Captain America and watched Ironman this week. I wanted to hold off watching Captain Marvel until right before Avengers: End Game, however my roommate ended up binge watching WandaVision and wasn’t aware that one of the characters was from Captain Marvel (a Marvel movie she did not watch because, as she said, “it’s not part of the storyline” – What?!?). She planned to watch it with my daughter and I, however ended up spending time with her boyfriend instead. I was fine with that. It allowed dad and daughter to connect on a deeper level.


I’m grateful for the afternoon with my older daughter, finally having an Apple store open so we could fix her laptop and her iPhone. I’m grateful we were able to get her belly button re-pierced. Her previous one was knocked out a year ago when we took my roommate’s little boy, then 16 months, on a walk. She had carried him for a quarter of a mile and didn’t realize it was missing until we got home. The tattoo artist didn’t want to pierce her again until after it had time to heal. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit and they closed their doors for quite some time.


I’m grateful for my guy’s Zoom Beer Meeting. It’s a way to still connect, catch up on life, while staying safe with our busy schedules. I had to end it early to watch Captain Marvel, yet I still got a good hour with the guys.


I’m grateful for the show Virgin River that has such engaging characters and story lines. This week’s episode brought me back to an emotional struggle that’s still a wound within me that I’m healing. As the Recovery 2.0 Prayer states, “…thank you for the joys AND the challenges of my life.” I also love that I can allow myself to be vulnerable and truly feel what the characters are feeling by watching these shows.


I’m grateful for Launch Pad’s See You Last Friday end of the month readings. So many amazing authors sharing their work together. What a powerful evening that was. This is a public event, so if interested, check out the link above. It starts at 6pm Pacific Time on the last Friday of the every month. Authors from Launch Pad and others read for 5 minutes, sharing their experiences and their wisdom. This month we had someone who found out about it through a random Google search who, at the very end, thought she’d share something she had written. Oh man! Was it an incredible piece! Well written and emotionally pulled all of us right in. We were like, “where in the world did you come from?”


I’m grateful for good weather and the opportunity to pull those pesky weeds that always come up after the winter rains. I enjoyed some good conversations with friends (thank you ear buds and hands free talking) and I also listened to some excellent podcasts while cleaning my yard. I’m grateful my neighbor came over and suggested the person who does his yard work next weekend do my side as well. In fact, I’m not only grateful he suggested it, I’ve also contacted this person to see if he can get my backyard as well. I do love my yard work and my alone time, which is very meditative for me, however, I have so many other projects going on, this will open my schedule to accomplish my everlasting To Do Lists.


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