I’m grateful for the opportunity to talk with a fifth grade’s class about my career. Not only did I get to show them my love of flying, I have the good fortune to inspire their minds on thinking about what they would like to do for their future. We discussed such topics as what you need for a career of your own, as well as having them contemplate about what skills, subjects, and values they would need for career choices that interest them. It was so much fun to see how engaged these young men and women were with my presentation and to watch how bright their minds are. Over the next couple of months I’ll get to discuss more about what I do by talking about geography, math, and the science of what makes an airplane fly. I’ve missed instructing and had an enjoyable experience spending an hour with this future generation.


I’m grateful for the enthusiasm and support I got this week over planning a charitable national event in the local area. This will challenge me to learn how to delegate tasks to others while also bringing this once in a lifetime experience to children with special needs.


I’m grateful that the last trip I flew was spending four days in Hawaii. Work truly doesn’t feel like work when each day I have the privilege of spending 17+ hours enjoying the peace and serenity of the beach and tropical islands. Thirty years of hard work has finally paid off.


I’m grateful I was able to attend my first church small group. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago I caught the flu and was unable to make it and the week after I had other obligations that were already on my schedule. I look forward to next week where we continue to talk about Philosophy. Yes, I know it doesn’t sound like a “churchy” subject. This is one of the main reasons I really enjoyed the last group. I’m continuing on my journey of increasing my knowledge and wisdom. Be prepared for me to bring some of my insights to my Fledglings.


I’m grateful that the deep chest cough I had for over two weeks after my flu has finally dissipated. This gives me so much thanks to my Higher Power, to God, for my health. When I’m working out at the gym, going on runs, well fed and hydrated enough to keep up with the extremely busy lifestyle I have, I take my health for granted. It’s not until I’m stuck in bed unable to do anything that I realize I don’t tend to give enough gratitude for what I do have. And it’s not just my health I take for granted; I’m lucky to live where I do, the job I have, and the medical benefits my family has. I am truly blessed!

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