I’m ever so grateful that my wife joined me on my first couple of days with my new job. I’m grateful that we had no plans, that forgetting my work shoes from my previous crash pad, caused us to go Christmas shopping at the mall. Somehow, we’ve always ended up at the mall on vacation with our girls and here we were, at the mall once again. I’m grateful that we took that time to shop together for our girls. This is something that’s been important to her and I’ve always been gone on trips and have never been around to do that with her.


I’m grateful my wife dressed up for dinner. She looked absolutely stunning and just as beautiful as the day we got married! I’m grateful that she can easily just jump into conversation with others and that she was able to meet many other spouses of the pilots I’ll be in training with. I’m grateful that this will give her a support network of other women going through the same struggles while all of us pilots are deep in training.


I’m grateful my wife took over the role of going through the different medical plans and helped get all dependent information signed up for me. She took care of the busy work, so I was able to focus on my studies. I’m so appreciative that she took the time to take that responsibility and pressure off my plate.


I’m grateful for my new company and my new Family. I’m grateful that everyone, and I mean Everyone, is so warm and welcoming to us new hires. Never have I experienced that much love from an organization before. I’m grateful that we started right before Christmas and were able to attend numerous parties. I’m grateful that I spoke up and asked about a party at the end of the week and I ended up on the dance floor with a number of other members of my team.


I’m grateful for such a tight group of young men in training. I love that they have no problem tapping into their fun, child-like side, while at the same time are professional, detailed, and working hard to learn the new material. I’m grateful everyone is willing to help everyone out, study hard and competitively, then are willing to hang out and be loose at the end of the day. I’m also grateful for the challenge to learn a new airplane.

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