I’m grateful I was able to spend one of my favorite holidays with my family. I’m grateful I was able to make it to my wife’s house while she was working a graveyard shift and that my youngest daughter helped me get the house immaculately clean; this included catching up on all the laundry and a personal welcome home sign she made for my wife. After an all night shift, when my wife arrived home at 7am, she didn’t have to worry about anything for the next few days. She could relax and enjoy the holidays.


I’m grateful for baking cookies with my girls, our tradition of hot chocolate (well, coffee) and seeing the Christmas lights. I’m grateful for my wife and I working together to build my older daughter’s bed, fix my younger daughter’s lock on her bedroom door, last minute Christmas shopping and errands, and cooking dinners together. I’m grateful my wife and younger daughter were able to enjoy the movie The Spy Who Dumped Me.


I’m grateful for a laid-back Christmas where we basically didn’t do much. Lounging around was the theme of the day and I enjoyed the walk with just my wife and I. The sun was bright, people were cheerful, and I felt closer to her than I have in such a long time. I’m grateful for the hour and a half the family spent with my wife’s male friend and his kids. I’m grateful that I no longer had this feeling I was fighting the tiger; I felt grounded and content.


I’m grateful I chose the first flight out in the morning. Leaving the house at 3am was tough, however, my flight ended up landing on time, whereas other members of class were diverted and delayed for a winter storm that came just hours after I landed.

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