I’m grateful for my training and my personal discipline when it comes to studying. This has got to be one of the toughest oral exams to prepare for and even though everyone tells us not to worry, I have still stressed out big time when it came to my test. Everything seemed to come together at the end, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to practice, having a pre-oral to practice, and all the help each of us gave each other. I’m grateful phase one of my training is completed.


I’m grateful for doing a bit of “man-scaping”. I never thought of waxing my back (I know, maybe this is TMI), however, with my tattoo, I figured it would look better without small patches of hair here and there. What was cool was how talking about tattoos got me asking questions about the different tattoos this woman had who worked the front counter at the spa. Who would have known that one of her many tattoos, a musical staff, would lead her to explaining that she was on The Voice and me listening to a number of her songs online. She has an amazing voice!


I’m most grateful that I get to come home for the holidays. I will have three whole days and they will be spent at my wife’s house. I’m looking forward to spending time with my three favorite women for Christmas!

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