I’m grateful I survived this week!


As mentioned in my last Grateful Sunday, my double oven broke down and my car of 22 years shuffled off his mortal coil. I had one week to transition from one job to preparing to spend the next two months in training many states away from home. I wasn’t sure I could get everything accomplished, and yet, somehow I did. I’m grateful for my tenacity and my ability to step up to the plate when needed. I’m grateful that even though this was one of the most hectic weeks to prepare me from one job to another, that I was able to tie up all loose ends prior to my starting training.


I’m grateful my wife allowed me to park my car in her driveway until I have a chance to take care of it when I return in February. I’m grateful her cousin helped me attempt to fix my oven and when, after a couple of days and many man hours working together and we were unable to fix it, I was able to find a replacement double-oven on Craigslist for only $100. I’m grateful my wife drove with me the hour down and back to pick up the oven when she had limited sleep from work. And I’m grateful her cousin continued to help out so we could have it installed before I had to leave. I have no idea how we managed to pull that off, which makes me so grateful, not only for the money spent, but that it was installed for my roommates in time for their first Christmas with their newborn baby boy.


I’m grateful for my first ever Dungeon and Dragons game night with my male friends. I’m grateful for their patience as I learned how to create a character and learned how to play the game. I’m grateful this new adventure we will create together, while also spending time hanging out as a group. I’ve never had a group of men where we just hung out with with one another. It’s quite a warm feeling to finally be a part of a “man club”.


I’m excited that tomorrow my wife plans to join me for my welcome dinner and the first day of class the next day. It’s been years since the two of us have taken a trip together and I’m grateful we’ll have two days alone without they business of life to get in the way. In addition, it was over 18 years ago when I started my professional journey with her and I’m grateful I get to continue my dreams with her by my side.


I’m grateful for the opportunity to play Santa and that my youngest daughter helped me on this volunteer mission. I’m grateful she was willing to take three hours out of her day to help take pictures of me with different animals. I’m also grateful for the second year in a row that we took a Christmas picture together; the “Santa talk to the hand annoyed photo.”


I’m grateful for adding color to my tattoo. OMG! It’s looking good. I was at first hopeful that we would finish it this session, however seeing how beautiful it’s coming out, I’m not as worried about the time line any longer. The tattoo has gone through many different stages of pain and recovery, which clearly matches my process of recovery from addiction and my still pending divorce; the reopening of wounds, working through the pain, more healing, and seeing more beauty come out the other side.

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