I’m grateful this week for connection. This is the most connected I’ve felt with my wife for, God, I don’t know how long. Maybe ever in my career. Constant texts during class and Facetime as I studied late at night while she’s working graveyard shifts. It’s interesting noticing how being connected changes my perspective about being stuck in a hotel room; it doesn’t feel as lonely and on a cellular level, my body feels more at peace.


I’m grateful for technology. I went to CVS this week and printed out about 30 pictures of the family; my wife and I, my wife and girls, my girls together, and my girls with me. My hotel room is decorated with Christmas lights, pictures, and the gifts I keep getting from my airline. I’ve left the little sugar bear from one of the desserts my wife and I had on the top right corner of my TV and also the two Christmas sugar cookies that I “saved” from the Christmas party last week (my wife said they were too cute to eat and to save them). This has transformed my hotel into a cozy living space to get me through the next six weeks of training (not that I’m counting mind you).


I’m grateful for coffee and exercise. I have drank waaaay too much coffee. It’s been my staple to keep me awake (or so the excuse I keep giving myself). As my wife would say, “my coffee is an internal warm hug”. However, I have kept my exercise routine up, which allows me time to study while on the elliptical or stationary bike. Also, using the stairs to go up and down 10th floor has kept my metabolism high. Exercise helps me stay connected to myself and my body and I don’t feel the guilt for all the cream and hot chocolate I put in my coffee to sweeten it up.


I’m grateful for the close nit of guys we have in our group. As I mentioned last week, they are awesome!

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