I’m grateful that I was able to spend a couple of days at home. I may have only had 48 hours of non-stop running around while trying to catch up on my household chores that had been neglected since I’d been gone for 12 days, however it was wonderful not to be out on the road.


Interesting, how my gratefulness comes down to just two days. Arrived home late to a household of people. I had forgotten that I had opened my home to my roommate’s family since they were evacuated from a wildfire. Even though I spent 16 hours on the road, both at work and commuting home, I quickly called my girls so they could come over that evening and have “baby” time (they are baby fanatics).


I’m grateful for waking up early the next morning and was able to make it to the gym prior to my Saturday morning men’s meeting. My two daughters said it was, “The best morning ever!” because they both woke up with a baby placed in their arms (there was no fighting since my youngest had woken up an hour earlier). My youngest and all the little ones (4 other kids) baked a cake for Cole Sprouse (my youngest daughter is one of his biggest fans – the reason why we went to Vancouver, Canada for vacation this summer). My oldest daughter and I enjoyed watching my youngest perform in her summer camp musical. Then we hung out with some friends celebrating yet another birthday (with one trip back to pick up my youngest after her second performance of the day) and more “baby time”.


Sunday, we got to enjoy yet another play with a different main cast followed by a really nice Chinese dinner with my oldest daughter. A great way to end the week!


I’m grateful I’m blessed to have these nuggets of connection with family and friends when I’m home.

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