I’m grateful that I was home on both of my daughters first day of school. I have missed these the past couple of years and watching my girls get ready with nervous anticipation to see their friends again brings about a warm feeling. I’m especially grateful that I was able to be supportive for my older daughter who transitioned high schools this year. I know it was a tough change for her and not one she wanted willingly and I applaud her strength and resilience as she prepares herself to make the best of it.


I’m grateful for my phone conference with a fellow pilot preparing me for an upcoming interview. Even though I had paid for the prep service, I truly appreciate the insight, knowledge, and suggestions he provided as we went through a mock interview. This helped me to look at how I phrase my answers, how to craft my stories better, and provided constructive criticism that will hopefully guide me to a successful interview and potentially a job offer.


I’m grateful for another spectacular crew as the four of us spent time hanging out together for dinner. I truly have been blessed when it comes to the people I fly with and the family we have created within our airline.

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