I’m grateful to have survived a busy week of “catch up” and errand running. While it may have been stressful at times, it’s comforting to know that my To Do List shrunk a little bit. My week ended on a positive note with Top Gun, the county Fair, and a collection of Broadway Musical songs in an evening under the stars with my family.


I’m also grateful to hear stories of healing from others. I feel joy knowing that others are working to release the painful blockage of their past, are open and vulnerable to discuss it, and are striving towards a more balanced life of peace and happiness.


And speaking of being grateful, I don’t think I mentioned how grateful I was a week ago to connect with Angelia (The Pilot Wife Life). I am honored to have a sister, as she says, “join me on the battlefront” to help others learn how to first love yourself – F.L.Y.

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