Wow! Where has this week gone? I have no clue. In fact, it seems as if the days keep blending together.


I’m grateful I started this week in Hawaii. I know, I know. That sounds insensitive during this time of quarantine and everyone sheltering in place. I’m so sorry. And while it may not seem essential to fly 20 people to Hawaii, they were all FEMA working on the pandemic.


I’m grateful for the sunsets and sunrises outside my hotel balcony. I’m grateful for the sound of nature, not the thousands of tourists that normally crowd Waikiki beach. I’m grateful for the tropical warmth, a swim in the ocean, the laid back energy, and the ability to recharge my batteries. I’m grateful for the short island hops and the beauty and peace I feel flying between them.


I’m grateful I was brave enough to try out the bidet in my hotel bathroom. I was in the same room for two nights and finally, before I left on the third day, I built up enough courage to see what it does. I’m not sure if I’d get used to using one, and yet, I’m grateful I experimented. It surprised the heck out of me! Even though I knew what was coming, I screamed out in shock. I was really curious afterwards to see how it worked. Once again, knowing what would happen, when the water shot straight into my face (I mean what else was going to happen?), I screamed in surprise one more time. I’m grateful for the laugh.


I’m grateful for the ability to finish the D&D adventure my daughter and I started two weeks ago. I love watching her get amped up and involved in the game. I’m grateful we were able to get into character and the creative ideas that come up. For instance, my daughter had the idea of getting all of us to work together to push an injured young dragon off the ravine and into the lava (well, kind of forgetting that dragons do fly and it was a fire dragon – but that’s besides the point). One of my friends conjured hundreds of ball bearings which he threw under the dragon hopeful that in his attempt to push the dragon over the edge, the ball bearings would help. Creative and yet, when one rolls a 1, it didn’t work.


I’m grateful for the time spent with both daughters this week; enjoying steak one night and tacos the next, celebrating a belated Easter, and watching Tours World Tour. I think I had more fun with the latter than they did. I loved watching the two of them get along, two sisters bantering with one another and sharing a close bond. I’m grateful that my oldest wanted to cook in the kitchen, making various dishes. I even liked how she interrupted my Zoom meeting with my writing group just to serve me cinnamon chips and ice cream.  And I’m so grateful for all her help around the house and entertaining my roommates little boy.


I’m grateful I worked at pulling more weeds in my yard. This is a time consuming process. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get caught up since new weeds keep sprouting all the time. However, it was a chance to get me back into listening to podcasts that I normally listen to when I work out. It got me out in the sun. And I find that pulling weeds is not only meditative for me, it’s satisfying to see a well kept up yard.


Speaking of working out, I’m grateful and a special shout out once again to my Pound instructor who texted me to make sure I was going to be a part of the gang. I’m grateful I was able to join them in the backyard and that our dog spent the first 30 minutes doing Pound with me. He may get in the way, however I love to see the wag of his tail and how excited he gets when while the music is blaring and he’s getting played with.


I’m grateful that one of my podcasts encouraged me to take an enneagram (something I’ve been wanting to do for a couple years). I may have a good grasp of who I am and yet it was cool to see the descriptions of the enneagram clarify it for me. I’m grateful for more insight and awareness about motivations that drive my personality. I’m grateful that even though she was apprehensive to take the same test, not only did my ex agreed to take it, we shared our results with one another. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to see how the two of us work well together and understand better why there was a breakdown in our relationship.


I’m grateful my roommate made ribs. Oh, they were so yummy! I’m grateful for making new friends this week and the ability to connect with ones I’ve known for years. I’m grateful for my mid-week Zoom beer meeting with my guys and my almost 4 hour conversation/video with a good friend over FaceBook Messenger. I’m grateful for my connection with another close friend who I’ve known throughout my flying career and our openness and willingness to be vulnerable with one another when our livelihoods and dreams seem to be at risk.


I’m grateful to see how far technology has come and the opportunity to find other ways to connect with my friends and family when I’m on the road. This has opened up many doors that I made up were not available to me.


I’m grateful for a fun filled week.

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