I’m grateful for getting so much accomplished this week while also having balance in my life. I’ve done some mini courses, set out a plan to accomplish my 2019 goals outlined per month, and I even started meditating again.


Meditation is huge for me. While I’ve tracked my food and made exercise a habit, (278 days now – almost one year of mindful eating – YAY!), I would like to start doing the same thing with meditation. I’ve noticed that it’s been very hard to get my mind to settle down. Yesterday was day five for me and I found it somewhat easier. Just like going to the gym; I can’t expect to jump back in and pick up the heavy weights if I haven’t worked out for a while.


To help me with meditation, I’ve started Kyle Cease’s 100 Day Meditation Challenge and I’m grateful this was available on YouTube. I had started his challenge a couple of years ago but only got as far as Day 14. My goal is to make it all the way through 100 days this time.


I have to admit, I felt a little guilt that I was following his meditation challenges for free. I mean, he did once have them for free on his website. As I was looking at his revamped site (and thinking about what I might want mine to look like in a year), I ended up becoming interested in his Limitation Game Interactive course and I ended up purchasing it. I’ve only completed about 45 minutes or so of the course, but I’m so grateful I did this. As I work through finalizing my divorce, getting my finances under control, and learning the ins and outs to build my website into what I had envisioned it to be two years ago, the Limitation Game will be useful to help me break through my own limitations, beliefs, and fears about being alone, failing in my marriage, not living within my means, and not stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to my blog.


What I love about listen to Kyle, is that he’s genuine when it comes to his own struggles. This is one area that most people shy away from; talking about fears and conflicts we have in life. I had a conversation with a crew last night and we talked about how the elders in many cultures are honored and respected because of their wisdom, and yet, in our culture, the elders are pushed aside as burdens to deal with. So sad, because I’m finding there is so much wisdom out there from the people who’ve been there. This is the reason for my writing. We are not alone. That Together We Can Heal. I’m so grateful that I have an open mind and I’m willing to learn from others.


I’m grateful for my connections online this past week. I had a group video chat with two flight attendants and a pilot from my previous job. My daughter and I had a great time joking around with them. I was glad I got to FaceTime with another pilot I used to work with and his fiancé. I have the honor of DJing their wedding next month and we were finalizing plans for their reception. I’m grateful I was able to get that weekend off and looking forward to a long over due Martini Party with my previous co-workers.


I’m especially grateful to FaceTime with my younger daughter when I was in Kansas City. She was worried about getting her hair done just right for 8th grade graduation pictures, and I was glad I could help ease her anxiety a little bit while also having a chance to chat with her about her day. These connections I have when I’m gone are so important to me and I realize I need to incorporate more face-to-face interactions with friends and family into my daily life. They help me feel much more grounded when I’m gone; as if I’m not really gone at all.


I’m grateful my wife was able to start the parade in her home town that happens every April. Our girls have grown up enjoying this parade because their mom and aunt get extremely excited to bring them there. My wife’s eyes have always lit up watching this small-town event and I’m so happy 2019 will be the year that she drove the police car, played with the lights and sirens, while throwing candy out to the kids. I know the feeling of looking up in the sky as a little kid thinking, “Someday, I’ll be up there looking down,” and then the thrill of actually accomplishing that goal. I’m not sure she ever thought she’d be front and center, the starting person in her childhood parade, but I believe she’s been blessed with her new career that she got this once in a life time opportunity. I’m grateful she sent me pictures of her and our older daughter in the police car (their smiles were priceless) and a picture of her leading the parade. Way to go!!


I’m grateful we were able to replace my younger daughter’s phone when it started acting up (just after I was explaining the importance of insurance to her). I’m also grateful that my older daughter has recovered from her wisdom teeth removal.  In addition, I’m delighted that my older daughter helped her sister with her makeup for 8th grade graduation pictures (ugh! They are growing up too fast.). I know that meant a lot to her younger sister and I love to see them working together.



Childhood Grateful

I’m grateful for the support of my mother. I have a close friend that I’ve known since kindergarten. We’ve been friends for almost 45 years. However, there was a time period in High School where we didn’t get along. He doesn’t know this part of our story…


My mother was extremely supportive during that time I was angry with him. He would walk to school and in the morning, when my Mom and I drove past him, she always stopped and gave him a ride. But when I was angry at him, she’d offer to drive up onto the curve and take him out. Ok, I know this is not something that should ever be joked about or even contemplated. And if you knew my mother, this was something she could have never, ever done; she had a heart of gold. What she was doing was supporting me and acknowledging my emotions at the time.


My friend and I let go of our differences and past, reconnected, and as we got older, he was one of two friends of mine who also became a close friend to my parents. I’m grateful my mother didn’t dismiss my feelings, didn’t try to change how I thought, and allowed me to express what I was feeling. I’m grateful she was supportive and when my friend and my relationship changed, she never once brought up that we had been at odds.

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