I’m grateful for the opportunity to get back into an airplane and to do what I love. I admit, it was a little hard to shave my beard of almost two weeks. I like that look. And yet, I’m glad I able to leave of the monotony of isolation at home and not only enjoy the peacefulness of flight, but get to experience that in the beauty of the Hawaiian islands.


No disrespect to those of you who have stayed home for days and weeks on end to help “flatten the curve.” I’m grateful for your perseverance and willingness to do what it takes to keep us all safe. We’re making a difference!


I’m grateful I had the opportunity to join my SAA Saturday meeting and my writing group online from the back of the airplane as my company gets me to my destination to actually fly. I’m grateful my friend sent me the Rick Springfield parody video to watch and it inspired me to post another Share Day. And I’m grateful that the WiFi worked on the airplane so I could post that blog and start working on this one for tomorrow (or today when you’re actually reading it).


I’m grateful for the time I spent with my daughters. My older daughter driving me around, our short walk with my roommate’s son, and her asking if we could paint the ceramics I had gotten them. I’m grateful both girls painted and I cross-stitched while watching a couple of movies. I’m grateful my younger daughter came over to my house and we enjoyed time together while also taking my roommate’s son for a walk, even if it was in light rain. I’m grateful for our meals together and connecting with my younger daughter via text Friday night while I was attending virtual concerts. I’m grateful for two hours of Just Dance with both girls and my roommate while eating cookie dough. Yes, I’m grateful for cookie dough!!


I’m grateful for the podcast I was listening to on Saturday on the way to work. The openness and vulnerability that was coming from Chad Grills, CEO from The Mission Daily, in podcast with Liz Wiseman titled Knowing Yourself for the First Time, was really cool. He added insight about how sheltering in place has opened up a different way of doing business. People are no longer painting this perfect, rosy picture of who they are, but instead are becoming more vulnerable and open about what they’re struggling with. And not only that, they allow a piece of their home life to show up online. The cat that jumps on their lap, the child that wants attention, or not dressing up, but just being comfortable in pj’s.


Speaking of vulnerability, I’m grateful for Esther Perel doing her own virtual podcast, stumbling a bit with the technology, and, as mentioned above, being genuine. When we go “live”, we show the world who we really are, not the edited version.


I’m grateful my Pound instructor texted me asking, “Where the heck have you been Phoenix??” That was the kick I needed to join her and my fellow classmates in a workout routine. Followed by joining my small group at church through Zoom. I’m grateful for the live Good Friday service my church did, complete with music and I’m looking forward to joining them on Easter Sunday in my hotel room in Hawaii. I’m grateful K-LOVE put on a live event Friday night. The music was so powerful and up lifting. And I’m grateful there was a replay Friday night of my friend’s concert that I had the pleasure of attending back in December.


I’m grateful my therapist was available to do a virtual session with me, then, gave me the assignment to sit and meditate for an hour over what we discussed. I’m grateful that I have close friends and peers in program to process what we talked about and that I started writing about it. I’m grateful that I’ve learned that I don’t need to always post what I process and yet, by following the format I’ve used for the past few years on my blog, I can help heal myself.


I’m grateful for new friends and old friends. I’m grateful I’ve gotten to connect with people I haven’t connected with in years. I’m grateful that even though we may be sheltering in place, a 13 year old can still have a wonderful birthday.


Going full circle, I had mentioned that I was grateful my friend sent me a Rick Springfield parody that got me motivated to post another round of parodies for my Fledglings. I had also mentioned that I was grateful to realize that people are becoming more vulnerable and “human”. Because I was searching YouTube for the Rick Springfield video, I found this one that was posted by James Corden on March 30th. I’m grateful to see his rawness of emotions and the video he ended his show on that night.




I’m grateful for all of you!!

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