WOW! Is this really a week of shares? And are there really that many Coronavirus parody videos or people connecting through song while they are sheltering in place?


The answer is YES! We are finding ways to stop the boredom. We are finding ways to connect with one another even from the seclusion of our homes. We are finding ways to be creative (the best of them yet!).


Keep them coming. For today, I needed to start with Straight No Chaser, a male acapella group. My daughters and I enjoyed seeing them in concert this past December for a Christmas show. Man! If you ever get the chance when they are in your home town (well, when we aren’t social distancing), go see them. They are fun! The one thing that I thought was so cool was how they all lived in different places in the U.S. with other jobs and yet, they still come together to make new songs and to entertain us on tour.



So the first video is another one of those virtual singing sessions, this time staring Straight No Chaser each from their home town.



Thank you guys! Not only for an awesome Christmas show, but still doing music together for us all while stuck at home. I’m going to do a search right now, because I’m hoping, you all have a parody. Please… (Oh, I found another video, but I will save that one until tomorrow)


WAIT!! They are on live right now! Sweet. This is so cool.




This was one of my favorite movies growing up. I had a baby sitter and we’d act out all the songs and scenes. I know this is a long one, but LOVED it!




“My butt cheeks are parting, I need some toilet paper for my…” Ha Ha!




I think today we’ll throw on Just Dance with my daughters and roommate. Stop saying we are going to do it.

“It’s time to self quarantine. Or we will be worse than Italy.”




“An extrovert’s worse nightmare.” – So true!!




Considering that I just purchased Double Stuffed Oreos and my daughter took two and out Marshmallow Fluff  if the middle, I’d definitely say, “Daddy’s, got snacks!!”

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