Another day of various videos to make you smile and get you through the day. And, if you missed the previous shares, I was nice enough to give you the links to them below.



Stay safe!


Ok, time to laugh, smile, and shoot, no one can see anyway, why not dance!!



These virtual orchestras and choirs are absolutely amazing!!



OMG! How quickly the “elbow greeting” is becoming the new norm.




This video clearly shows how much time we have on our hands (well, when we aren’t washing them).




Ok, when was the last time anyone heard Tiffany? I know, I know. She wasn’t even the original artist.




You really need to know the back story about Kim and Target. I’d say it’s similar to kids and Disneyland. And I really wish they had put what Kim posted on her Facebook story in the bloopers section. As Pen was trying to figure out how to make it look like it was raining, and Kim was videoing him from inside the house, he almost fell off the ladder.



Together We Can Heal

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