Yes, it looks like I’ve started to slow down on the parody videos. Not that I can’t seem to find them; I still have a ton to share. And, they keep on coming.


I took a break this weekend, enjoying my time swimming in the ocean in Hawaii (shelter in place in Hawaii is that as long as you are not laying on the beach, you may swim in the ocean or walk in the shallow water – must be moving and maintaining physical distance from others). I also relaxed on the balcony of my hotel watching the sun rise and sun set.


For years, when I was out on the road, I felt as if the hotel was isolating. Today, restricted from going outside and mingling with friends, I feel more isolated at home than I do when I’m in some far away city. The tropical climate mixed with the sounds of nature without the hustle and bustle of tourist packed beaches has been what I’ve needed to recharge my batteries. I decided to follow my therapist’s advice and just enjoy the fire I’ve been preparing for years.


And now, more videos…


I saw this one on FaceBook this morning where “airlines of the world “Rise Up” in their version of the #DontRushChallenge. Thousands of airline staff around the world are grounded at home waiting to take back off into the blue. 24 Cabin Crew from 23 different airlines from across the globe came together from the safety of their homes to be #UnitedByWings and remind the aviation community that we will soon “Rise Up” and fly over the rainbow, so high, once more.” I love to see the unity of all airlines coming together to support one another.




Another tribute to my brothers and sisters in the aviation community. #wereallinthistogether




Could you imagine sitting by a campfire with the two of them singing for you?




This is a great parody! Just try not to laugh.




Great musician! Love the harmonica.




The ending cracked me up. Must watch to see what I’m talking about. *wink*




Past Coronavirus Share Days




Stay safe. Stay strong.


We Will Rise.


Together We Can Heal






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