I woke up this morning thinking, maybe I won’t do another group of parody videos. They’re probably getting old. I mean how many days can I continue this? I’m working anyway.


Then I checked a text I received from a friend of mine before I went to bed last night. This is the one who’s working insane hours on the front line trying to keep the pandemic under control. It was a link to Rick Springfield’s “Love Somebody” official video. Boy does he look young!


You know how some people in your life have an impact on the things you like or who you are? Well this friend has been a huge influence on my musical tastes. Rick Springfield was just one of the many 80’s rock singers that I follow because of him.


When I ended up playing the video I was shocked. Well, maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised, I mean everyone is doing parodies these days.


What shocked me was that my friend had said he was opposed to musical parodies and here he was sending me one. Of course, I was grinning from ear to ear.


It was a reminder that I need to keep these parodies going.


So here you go. A more mature version of Rick Springfield, redoing his song about Human Touch with a Coronavirus theme.



Oh man. The sneeze cracks me up!!




And now for a much younger Rick and the song I thought I was going to hear. Still gets me wanting to sing at the top of my lungs. Can’t do that right now since I’m writing this blog in the back of an airplane. I think I need to see the movie again too.


Trivia question: What character did Rick Springfield play in General Hospital (no fair Googling the answer)?




Gotta love YouTube. Automatically started playing Human Touch and since the excitement of listening to Rick Springfield is still high, I thought I’d add another oldie for you to enjoy.


Oh, my! Look at the old “futuristic” looking computer.


Where does human touch rate on your Love Language?




A brief interview about his parody. Now I’m curious to hear Glove Somebody.


Rick did mention Neil Diamond doing a parody. You can view that one here.




The Knack: I guess I never realized how amazing the guitar solo was on this song. Love the ending! Thanks Rick for mentioning this in your interview.




With over a million views, I figured…why not. *shrugs shoulders*




Thank You Holderness Family!!

Thank you for keeping us connected and reminding us to appreciate those that are out there keeping our world turning.




Past Coronavirus Share Days

In case you’re bored…




Stay safe. Stay strong.


We Will Rise.


Together We Can Heal


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