I was proof reading a blog I had written March 2017, I Double Dog Dare You: Make Vows to Yourself to finally post on my site. I mean, it’s only been a year and a half since I wrote it.


As I was reviewing and editing, I was impressed with one of the vows I had written:


I promise not to view my imperfections as character flaws, but as inclusions that make up the radiant diamond that is me.


This reminded me of the engagement ring I had gotten my wife. My journey of searching for the “perfect” Marquise diamond led me to meet a older gentleman in the heart of San Francisco. He made it clear on the phone that he did not deal with the general public, only with jewelers.


Yet, he was was also quite confused and surprised as to how I found his business phone number (you have to remember, this was when the internet was in it’s infancy). He at first dismissed my call, then, realizing the amount of research I had done looking for a ring (I used all the right buzzwords to “sound” like a professional), he brought me under his wing.

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(written March 10, 2017)


We are taught that the ultimate goal in life when we grow up is to find that one special love. This is the message society gives us; to find the “happily ever after.”


We date various people. We’re on a mission. We need to find someone to complete us. I mean, wasn’t this the catch phrase in Jerry Maguire?


What if, instead, we put that much energy into loving ourselves?


What if, we stopped searching for the “one” and we decided to look inward and realize that we’ve already found the one?


What if, as Lisa Nichols says, instead of finding someone to complete us, we found someone to “celebrate our completeness”?


What if we decided to marry ourselves?

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