Just heard this song on Spotify and I had to share it with my Fledglings.

Together (We’ll Get Through This)

~ Steven Curtis Chapman feat. Brad Paisley, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, and Lauren Alaina




Then, after I watch it on YouTube, the following song by for King and Country comes on.


~ for King and Country feat. Kirk Franklin and Tori Kelly



Hang in there. Together we’ll get through this.


Together We Can Heal!


Love you all!!


Rising From the Ashes,


~ Phoenix

And here we are in May. My has it just snuck on up on us. Before you know it, it’ll be Christmas!


I’m grateful for another week of digging in deeply into my own self care. I’m grateful I’ve been able to sit still in meditation for 30 minutes five days in a row. Now that’s a miracle in and of itself. I’m grateful for doing five days worth of yoga and breath work, something that when I started I was counting the minutes until it was over, and yet, when I finished, I felt like I was walking on water. Adding yoga and meditation to my daily practice has allowed me to feel so grounded lately. Another miracle with all the chaos and uncertainty going on around us.


I’m grateful for my online network of support groups. I’ve got my SAA meetings on Zoom, my writing group (which has now gone to a more intimate paid format with more lessons and tighter connections to come), my online church group (one member calling in at 2am his time from Africa), and I’ve signed up for Tommy Rosen’s 8-Week Awakening coaching series that I’m looking forward to start next week.

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First off, today I’d like to wish a Happy 50th Anniversary for Earth Day! Really I need to say Happy 4.543 billion years Birthday!!


I had an interesting image. So many people have mentioned on social media how hard it’s been to have a birthday while being isolated with shelter in place. Especially for little ones. How do you have  a birthday party when you can’t invite friends and family?


A couple of days ago I saw a parade of cars pass by house. Honking horns all decorated with streamers, balloons, and signs that said Happy Birthday. I instantly thought, “now why didn’t I think of adding the decorations to my car when I dropped off gifts and cake for a friend’s daughter’s 12th birthday?” Driving a black tinted car and honking horns in a quiet neighborhood (yes, I did that) made me look like some kind of stalker rather than someone celebrating a birthday. Although, I did get the planned result, an embarrassed pre-teen!


Back to my image.


What a birthday party we are giving the Earth this year! We aren’t polluting the skies with airplanes and jet fuel. We have less cars on the road. Less businesses are producing pollutants. We have all slowed down in life and learned to stop and smell the roses. I would say, more people wave to me if I’m on a walk than I’ve seen in years. We’re all connected in a way we’ve never been before because we all have similar challenges in life.


Earth is getting a reset. There has been an energy shift that is resonating with every living creature on this planet. While we may find this time hard, Earth is celebrating. We’ve given her a gift she’s needed for a very long time.


So what to share today?

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