I received an email last week about a new book written by Robert Weiss. Robert Weiss is a “digital-age intimacy and relationships expert specializing in infidelity and addictions – most notably sex, porn, and love addiction.” 


I had the privilege of  seeing him in person a few years ago at a talk in my home town. He’s a recovering sex addict himself, a therapist who is CSAT trained (specific training for sex addiction), and also hosts an online sex, love and porn addict webinar every Friday night at In The Rooms.


Robert Weis has written a number of books about sex addiction:


A large part of my recovering journey has been to understand how my addiction affected my wife. It’s learning how my actions damaged her that allows me the empathy and compassion to understand her decisions and to be supportive when she’s triggered. I continue to look for new information about partners of sex addicts, not only to help me understand her, but to also continue to remind me that there are two sides to every coin. I wasn’t the only one in pain in our marriage.


Our recovery community has clearly changed viewpoints when it comes to treating the partner and Robert Weiss’s new book is the perspective my wife needed so many years ago.


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I sometimes have a tendency to go a little overboard (I know, people who know me are asking, “Really? Just a little?”). I went on a “perspective” splurge last week watching many videos. Some I liked, others, not so. However, there are still a few I’d like to share with you.


So, in keeping with last week’s “Perspective theme” found in:


Here are some more recommended videos:

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In keeping with the theme of yesterday’s article Perspective: A Key to Healing, I was curious to learn more about how we perceive the world. Here are a few videos I checked out online that I found of interest on the topic.

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