Have any of you read the book or seen the movie The Secret? If you haven’t, please put that on your bucket list of things to do.


I have read the book and watched the movie numerous times. For whatever reason, I tend to forget the simple principals that are stated in them. So, I’ve been trying something different.


For over the past two years I will wake up consistently after about three to four hours of sleep. Most of the time the hamster in my brain is running on his hamster wheel and he’s just gotten started. I can’t shut the brain off and next thing I know, three hours have passed and it’s time to get up and go through my day. I’m fighting that fucking tiger and he’s already kicked my ass with a full day ahead of me.


For the last two months, when I wake up in the middle of the night I find my iPad, push play on The Secret (and other inspirational podcasts, books on tape, etc.). Like a guided mediation, it helps me fall back asleep.


I also have the intention that if I can’t get this while I’m awake, I’ll get this while I’m sleeping.


My intent is to learn this stuff through osmosis!

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