I was a bit busy this week working on the next step in my journey of healing. This is the piece that I’ve buried my head in the sand for so many years. My underlying philosophy has been, “if I don’t see it, it’s not happening.” Not the best motto to live by.


Come on Phoenix, you’ve been an open book Rising out of the Ashes for a couple of years now. What could be so difficult to look at that you haven’t already discussed?




Ohhhhhh…..A wave of understanding washes over the crowd.


As Dave Ramsey would say, I have been “dumb, dumb, dumb” when it comes to my finances and I’ve definitely “made a mess” with my money. Yes, this will be a post for another time.


Needless to say, I missed my Wednesday Share Day Blog this week. There’s no “shame” in that. I’ve missed numerous Wednesday Share Days.


However, I received an email about a special event that was going to air on  Netflix at midnight. I didn’t take a nap and get up at 12 (like my younger daughter does for Riverdale). Instead, I ended up watching this special while at the gym this morning. And, in typical Phoenix fashion, I was taking notes in between sets.


This share can’t wait 5 days, so, I’m sharing it today, Friday!


Happy Fri-Yay!

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I’m grateful for a really wonderful vacation with my oldest daughter in San Diego. I’m also grateful that my wife was able to chaperone my younger daughter’s eighth grade historical field trip to Washington DC and Philadelphia. That will be a memory both mom and daughter will have for a lifetime. I’m also grateful that my wife had the opportunity to take a vacation, get away from her full time job, and spend the week with other parents.


Image result for hotel del coronado I’m grateful that my older daughter likes to do much of the same things I do. We enjoyed relaxing on the beach, cruising around getting lost while seeing the sights, and walking around the small shops in the different areas around San Diego. The Hotel Del Coronado was impressive, situated on a beautiful, breath-taking beach. My daughter pointed out that it looked more spectacular the farther we walked away and seeing the hotel from a distance.

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I’m grateful for Kaiser and the support group they have for our family. As my older child is struggling with High School as a teenager in this tough society of social media, judgment, and high expectations, we have a group of counselors to guide our family. My daughter may not be ready to open up to us or counselors, however, she’s receiving the very tools I finally learned after I turned 40. I’m grateful that little seeds of knowledge are being planted that will hopefully someday germinate and help her grow into a confident woman in the future.


I’m grateful for yet another fun night of Dungeon and Dragons with my close friends. It was nice to have the wife of a friend join us and get the woman’s perspective thrown into the mix. As we are all starting to get a little more comfortable with acting out our parts, the world we’re creating is a fun way to let go of life once a month.

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